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Lycra fabric specially developed for Elastikpant. Active breathability 89% polyester 11% Elastane with built-in Latex leagues. Padded belt for comfort.


We have three editions of Elastikpant.

-Yellow League. Power 1, of 120 J of force approx. Per leg.

-Red League. Power 2, 320 J of force approx. Per leg.

-Black League. Power 3, 420 J of force approx. Leg.


The Elastikpant is a tool to intensify any type of training. It simply adapts, intensifies and complements a training, leaving any coach free to design their own training plan.


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   The Elastikpant or Training Pants (as it is registered in the patent in the Spanish speaking countries) has its origins in my graduation thesis for the Sports University Manuel Fajardo in the City of Havana, Cuba in 2006 under the tutoring of Pedro Ignacio Gato Cruz, my coach, mentor and friend, from whom many years before that I had the privilege and unique opportunity of learning a lot from his experience. Pedro Gato was a true genius of the Sport Specific Training Methodology. Pedro’s exceptional way of combining biomechanics with the laws of mathematics and physics, was very impressive as well as his constant emphasis on making training very specific, always under the premise of ‘the most specific the training method is, the most effective and higher the results of the physical activity would be’. The Elastikpant is based under this same concept, since it allows not only Combat Sports but also other disciplines as well as non professional sportspersons to improve the quality of their workout, to get a greater physical efficiency, an increase in calorie burning and therefore a quick and easy weight loss. After filing the patent and becoming registered, the project entered the practical part by the middle of 2016. The complexity was in combining the simple details in order to achieve the functionality for what Elastikpant was designed. Once it was possible to obtain a final prototype pant that met all the required features, we began to make scientific tests in different Universities and Olympic centres in Germany. The evaluations were both from a physiological point of view as well as from a sports point of view, showing very positive results; starting from biomechanics analysis together with blood lactate tests, to evaluate and analyse all the vectors and positions in which the Elastikpant maintained the force against the movements executed by the athlete, strengthening the muscles involved. After having worked 3 years in the project, only a month and a half after having obtained the final prototype Pant, a great loss occurred in our small and young team, the sudden death of the Master in Sports Methodology Pedro Gato in February 2017. His decease was an impact for the Sports World and by all means for our is team an indescribable and irreparable loss. A healthy, strong, athletic, and young man who was very friendly and highly appreciated especially among Athletes around the world. The Elastikpant was created and designed to be a tool that could finally give a new face to the specificity of sports training, which in fact is as it said Pedro Gato: “It is in training where medals are won”. Kind regards to all the sport lovers from this server: Alberto Leonardo Celestrin Carmona Creator and designer of Elastikpant.

Based on the same philosophy that the more specific the training, the better the sports results will be and by all means looking for tools that would allow to specify a sports training even in its most complex part (jumping techniques, kicking, changing directions or developing movements in the complex air The challenge-shoe arose after many studies and from a decisive idea of ​​a coach several times Olimpico Nelson Saenz Miller GB national Coach All this was developed together with the Elastikpant, only on the subject of patents and trademarks The Elastikpant was registered first.In the course of its invention it had very satisfactory results in regards to joint injuries such as ankle / knee / femur head.These running suffer the greatest wear and there are currently 3 living experiments (people ) which since doing their careers both in the street and in the gym or forests, and They do not suffer from pain, because not supporting the heel during the race allows them to be careful and at the same time rest from the affected areas.



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